Sunday, April 6, 2014

Questions I am shocked that I ask

When you hear your Husband walk into the bathroom where your 2 year old is, holler "Grrrrrrrrr! Why do you have poop on your hands? What is happening here?!", then your child replies "Cause there's no toilet paper." What is your reaction supposed to be? A. Run in and help B. Cry C. stay far away. I chose stay in the other  room and pretend not to hear any of it.....
The fact that we just had to ask him "Hey did you wipe poopy on anything in the bathroom?" Is concerning and disturbing. 

My two year old is a constant source of mischief and mess. He gets into everything and is tough as nails. Sometimes it is maddening and sometimes stressful....but it's always so very Garrison and for that, I love it. 

My cup really runs over....everyday.