Thursday, September 18, 2014

School Daze

So school has started and I have a little free time on my hands on Mondays and Wednesdays. GW is in 3 year old Pre-k from 8:00-3:00 on those days and Law is in 1st grade so he's in school all day. It feels a little weird after the summer and being so chill with our schedules. Lawson has homework, spelling words, and tests each week. He also gets mad that his Brother doesn't have homework. 
Now that school has been in full swing for about 5 weeks, I think we are finally getting in a good routine. Over the past month, I have realized just how much like me Lawson is. He is the pickiest eater, ridiculous even (yeah Mom, I am so getting payback for being so bratty about my food growing up:) He worries about doing things really well, perfectly even, and can be hard on himself if he isn't doing it perfectly, whether it's reading, writing, math, coloring, whatever. Like me, he also takes a while to get into to a routine when things have changed. For instance, going back to school after the summer break, when he stayed up a little later, slept a little later, got to play all day, take trips and have no real strict schedule to adhere to and then changing to bed at 8 every night, homework and studying each day after school, getting up early, etc.  It was such a challenge to get him up, fight him to go to school,  and then do homework that I thought I would lose it. Then I looked around the house, saw how messy it was, how dinner wasn't ready on time, how I was struggling with getting up and getting them both ready and out the door just as much has they were struggling with it,  how hard I was trying to balance gym time, housework , errands, and me time and realized that I had to have patience with them, and they had to have patience with me too. See Lawson got his lack of scheduling and need for a good adjustment period from me. As an adult, I know I can't act out, throw fits, refuse to go to school, or whatever because I am struggling with getting myself into a routine of sorts, but L's only 6. I felt stressed and anxious and frazzled for a while, just as I am sure he did, until things started clicking into place and we slowly got adjusted to our new routines. I actually got my kitchen cleaned and dinner cooked this week, went to the gym each day, Paid bills, went grocery shopping, and am feeling somewhat accomplished. Maybe I can do this :) 

So that kind of went further into detail than I had planned, but it's so funny to me how Lawson and I butt heads and argue and he can get to me like no one else can, and it's because how much alike we are. I have been told that by several people, my parents and Chuck included, but I really am starting to see it for myself. You see he's super picky with food, as am I, he has to have the last word, as do I (so says Chuck) which results in us arguing back and forth, and he worries about being good at things or doing things perfectly, which is a constant struggle of mine. I guess we may have a long road ahead, but I am going to try to always remember how much alike we are and to try to relate to how he's feeling since I can understand instead of letting it drive my crazy. Wish me luck :)

Back to the school situation now:

Well it happened, I finally went off the deep end. Last night as I was getting the kids clothes, shoes, snacks, backpacks ready for the next day, I laid out 2 different shoes for Lawson. I will admit, I was so tired last night and I had a migraine. So that makes it understandable right? 
You see, yesterday morning he got quite upset at me for not setting his flip flops "right next to the door like you always do!" Even though, truth be told, the shoe baskets where he and G keep all their shoes are right next to the door. Yeah, but I have to set them out for them..anyway, this morning his Grandma came to pick him up. About 10 minutes after they leave I get a text that says "Heading back. Lawson has on 2 different shoes." When they get here Grandma tells me "When I asked him how he got 2 different shoes he said it was his Momma's fault because she gets his shoes ready everyday." I guess I should make him get his own shoes from now on, maybe then they would match. 

And for the record, when G hollers repeatedly,  "I am not doing ANYTHING in here Momma." That's never a good sign. 

My boys are so unique, so challenging and rewarding all at once. 
My Cup Runneth Over