Thursday, May 17, 2012

Starbucks, I love and hate you

Well  as my posts usually go, this one requires a warning. This post will include vomit as well as urine. I will also be sharing an extremely embarassing story about myself. What can I say, I will share anything for a laugh or two. Is anyone else worried about what they are going to read below? I would be...Is anyone else starting to get concerned about how many of my posts involve throw up? I really am.

Friday was one of  "those" days. I would say that it was unusual, but it is starting to become the norm. Garrison started running fever on Wednesday of last week. I chalked it up to the MRSA infection still lingering. Then he started breaking out in a rash on his chest. I just figured it was from the fever or from the Chicken Pox vaccine he got a few days before. Well he continued to run a fever of between 100 and 101 all day Thursday and into Friday. His rash also got worse and started spreading over his entire body. I could tell he was just not feeling well at all. I dropped Lawson  by school and off Garrison and I went to Montgomery. The ride there was relatively peaceful as he slept most of the way.
At the doctor's office, there were two little girls that Garrison played with while we waited. One was around 6 and the other was around 3. I usually try to keep him away from other kids who are on the sick side with us as much as possible, just in case he is contagious or they are...but that day I just kind of gave up. I really thought that his rash and fever were going to be ear infection or vaccine related, so I didn't keep him on my lap. The girls kept wanting to hold his hands and their Mom kept saying "Girls, don't touch. You may have germs." I took it as a nice way of saying, "Don't touch. He has a very questionable rash all over and who knows what he's got." I get it, though. I would be the same way. Remember, we need a big bubble to put my boys in.
We get called back and I tell the nurse all that has been going on with Garrison. From MRSA to the rash and back again. She was like me, never even thought of Hand, Foot, and Mouth and thought it may be an antibiotic allergy reaction or something. Well, Dr. M came in and immediately looked at GW's feet and hands. Sure enough, the rash had spread to his palms, soles of his feet, and he had sores in the back of his throat, in the roof of his mouth, and on his tongue. No wonder he was miserable. She said it was a particularly bad case of hand, foot, and mouth and that it was highly contagious. Well, great. She also guessed that Lawson may have brought it home from school, but not actually have gotten it. Apparently it is rampant in Montgomery right now as they have been seeing it in their office regularly. I am going to guess that he got it during one of our many trips to the office over the past couple of weeks. Who knows? I do know that it is awful.
So as we were paying our co-pay the little girls and their mom who were in the waiting room are also paying theirs. Garrison is standing beside me looking at the fish tank. Then the nurse walks by and says, "Oh, what did she determine it is?" just as the oldes little girl sees Garrison and says "Oh, it's the baby" and starts reaching out to him. I replied, quite embarassed, "Um, it's hand, foot, and mouth." The girls' mom let out a little gasp and snatched her by the arm so fast I thought she might have pulled it out of socket. She caught her just before she made contact with Garr. It was priceless!
The nurse just looked at me and chuckled and walked away. After the lady and her daughters left, I went up to pay my copay and had a good little laugh about it with the office nurse, who saw the whole thing. On my way out, I saw the woman loading her daughters into her car and thought I would be nice and apologize. I really did feel bad about possibly contaminating them. So, I went up to her and told her how sorry I was that Garrison had been playing with them. That I had no idea he had H,F, and M and how I thought it was ear related. She was really nice and said she understood and that hers went to daycare so she hoped they didn't give him anything. It was all really funny!

So on we went to Target, as usual. Guess what happened there? Garrison got sick. He threw up at Target multiple times. Who knows how long I was there. I didn't want to leave and be on the road while he was throwing up since I was by myself, so I just stayed and waited it out. Everyone at Target hated me that night! Eventually he stopped and we headed home, but not before I stopped at Starbucks for a much needed Venti Non-fat Raspberry White Mocha with an extra shot. I needed caffeine stat. You probably could have offered me a Caffiene IV drip and I would have taken it.
Of course, with all of that coffee, I had to tee-tee. It hit me around Hayneville and I was bound and determined to make it home. I mean, there is nowhere to stop anyway and I really didn't want to stop on the side of the road. Been there, done that, I am no longer a teenager riding dirt roads, thank you very much!  In Hayneville, I accidentally mowed down a tiny baby deer. It was really sad! I felt bad, but all I could really focus on was how badly I needed to tinkle.
Garrison is finally sleeping so I really don't even want to stop the car, but when we got to Darlington I knew that I had to. I genuinely thought my bladder might burst. It hurt! So, I pulled over at one of the churches in Darlington, left the door open and tee-teed. Well, of course, here come lights...I very quickly pull up my shorts and jump in the car. They may or may not have seen me. I comforted myself by saying that there was no way they had. THey were too far away, right?!
To sum it up, Starbucks-1 My Bladder-0

But, we finally made it home and went to bed. The next couple of days were bad. We were in quarantine and had to miss a birthday party, the 5-K, the Bar-B-Q cook off, and I was really sad about it. However, on Sunday we decided to go on a picnic out at the Training Dyke since there was no one else there to infect and we had a blast. It was nice to get out of the house and let the boys play.

Since then, Garrison has been well. Yay!

My Cup Runneth Over

If You Are Gonna be a Bear.... a Grizzly!
I have said this many times in the past few years. It is one of my favorite mottos. It is basically the same as "Go big or go home" or "If you are going to do it, do it right". I often quote these mottos when I am doing things, such as party planning, decorating, baking, etc. I mean, if you are going to do something why not do your absolute best at it?  When my dear Husband tells me I might be going a bit over the top on party planning, I quote my favorite grizzly bear motto. I mean, it's true. It's me. What can I say?
While I realize that doing my best and going overboard in the party department are not the same, I still use this logic. These parties are for my children and I only want the very best for them. I want them to be able to look back at photos and say "Wow Mom, you sure made our parties special!" Because that is what I try to do.

I often remind Lawson that we should always do our best in EVERYTHING we do, whether it is writing our name at school, cleaning our room, playing T-ball, or anything else. He and I have had quite a few talks about this. I tell him that the Lord always wants our best in all things. He expects us to do our best, to try our hardest, to go above and beyond and to do it with joy in our hearts. I have to remind myself of this fact a lot, too. I try to remember this daily...but I know I fall short.  I was told by his teacher that after he and I had one of our talks on this subject, that he came to school the next day like a different child. He didn't ask for help or say he needed help. He did his sheets to the best of his ability and did a great job at them. She was quite impressed. I was SO proud. But that is how Lawson works. He responds well to reason and discussion. If we tell him why he can/can't do something or why he should/shouldn't do something it is so much more effective than simply telling him not to do it "because I said so" or to do something with no reason behind it. He has always been this way, even when he was 18 months old. I simply had to remove him from any distractions, so I could have his full attention, and tell him what actions he needed to change and why. He is like a little adult sometimes.

I have been thinking about doing things to the best of my ability a lot lately. Maybe I am being hard on myself, but I feel that I have been slacking. I just can't seem to get it all done. I mean, there just aren't enough hours in one day. If I didn't have to eat or sleep, I could really get so much more accomplished!  Starting next week, I plan to reevaluate my schedule and try to rearrange things so that maybe I can fit in a little more time for me but still really focus on my family as well.
Wish me luck...

My Cup Runneth Over