Tuesday, June 26, 2012

You say short, I prefer vertically challenged

This evening as I was sweeping the kitchen and Lawson, Chuck, Garrison, and our friend Cam were in the living room, I hear Chuck saying  “Lawson, do NOT  tee tee on the porch, Son. Go to the side of the porch and tee tee off it.” Again, “Son, do NOT tee tee on the porch!” Apparently Lawson needed to potty and opted to go out the French doors and onto the deck (Not the first time this has happened, mind you ). Then I hear a sigh and Chuck hollers in at me “Momma, your  Son  just tee teed on the deck right in front of the door.” My response, “Well, I heard you telling him not to and he did it anyway, so maybe he needs a time out.” I wasn’t going to be the bad guy this time. So Lawson comes inside and Chuck starts talking to him, “Lawson, I told you not to tee tee on the porch, didn’t I? But you did it anyway.” And Lawson responds, and I quote, “Daddy, a job is a job.”

Last week, at The Pig, Lawson was really interested in why people are made all different sizes. I think it has to do with our friend, Cam, who is staying with us. He is super tall. I think like 6'6" or something. I don't know, I will have to confirm that but I do know that he is tall, especially compared to Chuck, myself, and all of the grandparents. Most of the people Lawson is around on a daily basis, like parents and grandparents, are short, small people. So I think he is noticing the differences now. 
 He starts with, “Momma, why are you SO short?” Well, gee, I ask that myself sometimes. So I answer, “Because that is the way God made me, Lawson.” So we shop around a little bit and I can tell he is still really thinking. Then he asks, “Momma, why are some people so big and some people are so little?(read as yittle, because his l’s sound like y’s and I LOVE it J )  So I answer, “Well Baby, it’s because God made us all different. He made each of us in his image, just like we are supposed to be and because of that we are perfect.” Good reminder for myself, right there… So he seems satisfied with that answer. We shop around a few minutes and he comes up with another question. He asks, “Momma, you and Daddy are adults right? Will y’all get bigger?” I reply, “No, we are done growing. We are adults and we will never be any taller than we are right now, Son. Once people reach a certain age, they stop growing taller. Kids are always growing though.” He thinks about this for a minute. He then says, “Momma, did you drink all of your milk like you were supposed to?” Hahaha. I know exactly what he is thinking. We tell him that he has to eat healthy food and drink lots of milk to grow up big and strong. He is wondering where I went so terribly wrong to end up the height I am. Do I lie? Do I say, No I didn’t eat my vegetables or drink my milk, that is why I am so short, in order to get him to do it? No, I can’t do that. So I say, “Yes, I love milk and I drank it when I was little too. I just didn’t grow to be big because that is not the way God made me.”  I then asked him if he thinks his Daddy is big and he said yes. Oh man, that is cute. He has a rude awakening coming when he realizes that at 5’7” and 145 pounds or so, Chuck is NOT big. But how cute is that? He still sees his Daddy as big and tall and looks up to him.

This reminds me of a couple of months ago at Chuck E Cheese when he and I were sitting next to each other on a ride and Lawson turns to me and asks “So Momma, you are a adult?” I said “Yes, I am an adult.” He then asks, quite confused sounding, “So you are a adult but you are the size of a kid?” How do you answer that one? Ha ha. I just said, “Um, no I am bigger than a kid. I am just not a really big adult. I am just the way God made me.” That answer seemed to satisfy him and off we went to another game.

Sometimes he comes up with some of the funniest things!! I can just see his wheels turning sometimes.

What a mess my oldest Son is.

My Cup Runneth Over


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