Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My addiction to Coke and Adam Levine

Yes, it is true. I am addicted to Coca Cola and I will explain now....

Today at CVS, I was reminded of why I sometimes like to run into a store, SOLO. I was also reminded of why I am addicted to Coca Cola (Not even the diet variety, but the full sugar, full calorie variety that makes it impossible for me to lose weight.)  Ashley, if you are reading this, you saw me…You understand. First off, why do I consistently get the buggy with the torn seat belt, with at least one of the sides of the buckle missing? EVERY SINGLE TIME.  I had a buggy full of candy, Hot Wheels, cookies, chocolate milk, and the one important thing that I actually went in there for, pain medicine.  While I was attempting to pay, Lawson is cruising the candy assortment and asking for everything. He finally settled on chocolate coins that he had to trade one of his Hot Wheels in for. Garrison is pulling a nice variety of Bubble Gum, chocolate coins, and ring pops out and throwing them on the floor. Me consistently saying “Garrison NO! No!” doesn’t seem to make him hesitate at all. Sigh. I finally finish paying, snatch Garrison up who is making a run for the door, go back and put away all the candy that is strewn all over the floor and throw it in the boxes where it goes, and hightail out of there to  load the boys up into Chuck’s big, jacked up truck. Since I had to park in the very last open parking place that was up against the median and a tree was in the way of the passenger side, I had to load up the bags on the front passenger seat, climb in on the back Driver’s side, over Lawson’s car seat, all while holding GW and hollering at Lawson not to move a muscle to put GW in his carseat. I buckled him in, climbed back over and out, and got Lawson in and buckled in. Then I finally loaded up and headed home (With a big coke in my hand). Thus, why I drink coke. It is simply not acceptable or practical to drink wine during the day. I like  wine, it helps to relax me and is a stress reliever. Since society tends to frown on day drinking (especially while taking care of children: ), I turn to Coke instead. It is my replacement stress-reliever.(Totally joking about the day drinking thing…I would never do such a thing, even if it is tempting sometimes ;)  I have to admit, I do LOVE Coca Cola.  When I have had a bad day, spent most of the morning saying “Boys, keep your hands to yourselves. Garrison, don’t bite your brother. Lawson, don’t push your brother down, again!”, I just look forward to a cold, iced Coke. Is it that so wrong?!
I am also addicted to Adam Levine, mainly on The Voice. Chuck and I LOVE The Voice. It is the best show. It makes us laugh and it makes us (me, honestly) cry. We LOVE to watch Cee-Lo, Adam, and Blake's witty banter. X-Tina too, but only because she is funny with the other three. I have convinced myself that if Blake and I were to meet, we would become BFFs and if Adam and I were to meet, he would totally want to break up my marriage. (A girl can dream, right?! That's not weird at all....) But really, they seem so genuinely nice. They also seem like they are really friends in like, REAL life.  Even Lawson gets into The Voice. We all sit down after dinner in the evenings, either before or after baths depending, for a half hour to an hour of The Voice. We love it. Lawson makes little comments too, like "Ugh, Christina!...." and "What, nobody turned?!"  and my favorite "Oh, Cee Lo is so crazy." He is such a cool little 4 year old. Eventually we may even be caught up on all of the DVRed episodes we have to watch. That is our goal before the end of the show anyway. It is such a simple little pleasure but I adore when we manage to fit it in before bedtime.
jessie posted this to my FB wall today and it really made my afternoon. Puh-lease be sure and watch it. I hope this link works....If not holler at me and I will fix it.
This couple could BE me and Chuck, if we were funny and/or musically talented at all. We can totally relate, as most people with kids can. I remember the days when I could wear white and not have 10 stains on it by the end of the a nice mixture of  chocolate, juice, food of some type, and  boogers...yes, there are always boogers. I *think* I used to look nice, have makeup on, hair done, and a complete outfit on including accessories. Now I rarely wear makeup anymore, unless you see me at a special event like  a wedding or something it is unlikely that I will have makeup on. I traded it in for a little more sleep in the mornings. I also wear Nike shorts a lot...I used to never wear T-shirts anywhere. It wasn't that I had anything against them, that just wasn't a "go-to" for me. Now I wear Nike shorts and T's at least 4 days out of the week. I also wear a lot of pony tails. But I am OK with that.
I also can not tell y'all how many times I use the "Count to three" thing. ALL THE TIME. Lawson knows three means trouble. I usually only make it to two though...which is better for everyone. Garrison on the other hand....three means nothing to him.

Grateful for laughter and simple pleasures...

My Cup Runneth Over


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