Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dating a much younger guy

Why yes, it is true...I am dating a much younger guy.  In fact, he is one of the cutest guys I have ever seen, very intelligent, funny, outgoing, and he adores me. He lets me pick his outfits for him, he tells me that I am pretty, he opens doors for me, he loves to dance and he asks me very interesting questions that require me to think deeply. He is quite the intellectual, for his age anyway. Never mind the fact that he doesn't own his own car, in fact he can't even drive, that his bedtime is 8:30 or that I have to help him bathe. In spite of the occasional fit he is an all-around catch.  (Hopefully this doesn't make me sound like a complete weirdo ) Our last date was this past Saturday and we went to see Disney On Ice. Why yes, I am referring to my 4 year old son as my date.We had not been on a Mommy-Son date in a while, but it something that I think is very important for both of us. We are able to spend one-on-one time together with the focus being solely on him.  We were both pretty excited about it. I know I had better cherish this while it lasts because one day very soon he will probably make a yucky face and say "No way, we can go to such and such, but it is not DATE." So, while he is still little and innocent, I am taking all the dates I can get. What girl wouldn't with this guy?

As for the date, it was GREAT! We got up early and got dressed nice, it was a date after all, and headed to Birmingham for the day. We went to buy him some new tennis shoes, went shopping at the Galleria, went to watch Disney on Ice at the BJCC and after went to eat at Johnny Rocket's (his choice), to Starbucks for a latte (my choice) and then to Toys R Us (yeah, his choice).

While we were at The Galleria we did a little shopping for Baby Brother at Gymboree. As I was paying, my date AKA Lawson kept running back and forth behind me and smacking me on the butt. After about the 3rd time I turned around and said, "Lawson, stop hitting me." HIs reply, "But, I am spanking you." To which I replied with something to the extent of "But you don't spank Momma, I do the spanking." He then informs the sales clerk that "Sometimes my Daddy spanks my Mommy!" I just stood there in shock. The way he said it sounded dirty, which in reality it wasn't and he was referring to Chuck asking Lawson if Mommy needs a spanking for Fill In the Blank with whatever I have done/not done that day, as a joke. The sales lady's eyes just got really big and to her credit, she didn't even crack a smile. She just kept right on folding and bagging. I, on the other hand, was turning pretty red.

On to the show....Warning lots of sapiness ahead
Disney On Ice was wonderful! It really was. I didn't expect to enjoy it quite as much as I did. I knew I would like it because of the music and ice skating, but I didn't expect it to be quite the show it was. I mean Aladdin and Jasmine flying through the air on a carpet that was hanging from the ceiling, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell flying through the air, and all of the many props that made the rink look like it was a scene right in the movie. It really was mesmorizing.
On the way in, Lawson could not stand still. He was so excited he was just bouncing everywhere and chattering. Some of the time I don't think he was actually making coherent sentences he was so excited. When he gets really excited and wants to say a lot at one time, it is like his brain is overloaded and he stutters. Wow, was he doing that. "Mom, Mom, Mom, I want, I want, I want a sword as a souvenir!" It was precious.

My absolute favorite part of the whole day was when Peter Pan and Captain Hook came out. Lawson had been telling me the whole way there that Peter Pan was his favorite so he was just waiting to see him. Well, when Peter Pan came zooming out, flying through the air Lawson's little face was priceless. It is something I never will forget for as long as I live and it was worth ever penny we paid for those tickets. In fact, I wouldn't take a million dollars for that memory. He had this look of innocent amazement and wonder. His eyes were huge and his smile was from ear to ear. I sat there cherishing every second of it and wishing that Chuck was there to see it, too. When he finally turned to me and said simply, "Peter Pan!!", I actually teared up. For whatever reason, right there during Disney On Ice I was overwhelmed with how much joy my children bring to my life. How innocent they are and how much I love experiencing new things with them. It is almost like getting to do them all over again for the first time, only better. I have always wanted to take my children to try new things, to see new things, to experience and live life to the fullest and this little trip just reminded me of how special it is.

For dinner, we went to Johnny Rocket's at The Summit. Lawson was pretty excited that he got to drink a milkshake with dinner, it was a special day you know. We sat outside with several other tables full. At the table next to us was a man with his two sons. Of course, Lawson being Lawson, started up a conversation with the man about how many burgers he could eat. He was pretty interested in what constituted a double cheeseburger and if there was such thing as a double cheeseburger with no cheese, so he proceeded to ask the man if he thought there was such thing as a burger with "100 meats on it". Apparently the concept of double and triples was pretty amazing and needed to be explored further. So the man starts talking to him, as do his two sons. Somehow one of the little boys and Lawson get onto the subject of cookies and candy and the little boy says "well, I am a cookie monster because I eat all the cookies." Lawson comes back with "Well I am a candy monster because I eat all the candy." They giggle, hee hee, silly boys. Then Lawson pipes up with, loudly I might add, "Well, my Daddy says my Momma is the money monster because she spends all the money!" (which incidentally, his Daddy didn't start but his GG (my Daddy) did but Lawson misspoke, which he then corrected by repeating it) The guy just smiles and kind of chuckles, but the older couple at the other table next to us laugh out loud. I just crawl under the table, or at least that is what I wanted to do...I think I said something like, "Haha! Yeah, that's funny but let's not tell EVERYONE that, ok?" 
Sheesh, was it an interesting date. He just better be glad he's as cute as he is.

My oldest son, who is still willing to go on a date with his ole' Momma, is so much fun to be around.

My Cup Runneth Over!

Revision: I felt it was important to add...
Does the fact that I found Peter Pan attractive concern you? Should it concern me? I kept thinking, Peter Pan is soo cute! And then I would think, OK Shana get a grip you weirdo. He is Peter Pan. He was a cutie pie, though.

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