Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Obviousness...obviously, when your 3 year old whom you thought was asleep in his bed, walks into the living room with his hand held out and announces simply,  "my hand smells like poopy" you question why. Obviously, you question him immediately with "Well why does it smell? Did you go poopy? Did you wash your hands?" When he replies "No my didn't go", you obviously wonder how that could happen. You also, obviously, don't even get the least bit concerned because you have been in this rodeo before. You obviously know that it's a possible bedtime-procrastination strategy and could have nothing to do with any real poopy situation. So your Husband, the one who decides it's time to investigate this a little further, does the obvious and.....smells the hand. You remain seated on the couch thinking about how your go-to move to confirm whether something is in fact poopy or not has become the smell test. Which is so obviously disturbing due to the fact that it's not even a question, a decision, a repulsion, it's simply an instinct. It's "the way ". We are, very obviously, parents!

My Cup Runneth Over

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