Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pinterest... But not this year

Weekly confession time...
I didn't make a single treat for either of the boys parties, I bought them already made. Gasp!! I know right? You see, I started out with one child and making Pinterest project treats. Reindeer cupcakes, bat brownies, bunny cookies, chocolate dipped sprinkle covered marshmallows on a stick, etc...and this child one child had a special appliquéd shirt with his very own name on it, matching pants and socks for each holiday. I even got stressed about these outfits with their matching holiday socks. That's so laughable now. I was totally on top of things (in my mind anyway) I would stay up all night the night before to get everything achieved.

Then I had 2...I still managed some matching appliquéd outfits for them both, minus the holiday socks, and a Pinterest treat here and there. I stayed up if I had to to get these accomplished . Not for every party,  mind you, but some. Then these 2 boys got older, busier, more involved in activities and school. I guess I got older too ;) 
I don't take a snack for every party, but I still try not to miss attending a single one though.  

This year we are remodeling, tearing down part of the house and rebuilding and expanding just a little. Of course it's at Christmastime, making the usual chaos and mess more chaotic and messy. I am teaching an occasional art class. I am VP on PTA. I am also attempting to be "a runner" and train for a 10k. My house is in shambles. I have (not so) affectionately renamed the address "Mayo Street Mayhem" (if you know my address, you totally get it). It's very fitting for  both inside and out. Always chaos.  The boys' matching Holiday outfits went like this: I ordered them with just enough time to spare but neglected to try them on, or even open them for that matter, until the day of Santa pics. When L sat on Santa ' slap, it looked like the days of Noah were coming those pants were so high watered. A little late in the game to worry about it then. Our elves are still MIA. The Christmas tree is always leaning because the boys jump and run around it so much. It's still not fully decorated, but I manage to add an ornament or 2 each day. Maybe by New Years Eve it will be complete. 
We just finally finished most of our Christmas shopping, the freaking week before. Chuck almost had a nervous breakdown fighting the crowds in Birmingham. He used a few choice words at The Summit. I drank a lot of coffee and some wine on this overnight get away. We had a lot of fun. We came home to a sick (again) 6 year old who will have to miss his Christmas party...sad!

I had even forgot I had signed up for Law's Christmas party. Thank goodness another sweet Mother, obviously more clued in than myself (you know who you are ;) reminded me that I am one of the Christmas party Moms. I am also one of the Homeroom Moms. She also rallied the troops. Thanks, Other Mother :) 
 I usually love doing parties! My brain is just zapped. I seem to have a constant choice of flooring, doors windows and paint color choices running through my mind. The time is just flying by. There's not enough hours in the day to do every single thing I want to do. I am working on the very important ones first and foremost. 
So, you see, I dropped the ball this year. I bought premade cupcakes and iced brownies for the boys parties tomorrow. I decided against staying up tonight after returning from B'Ham  to make those  really cute Rice Krispie treat wreaths. I gotta say though, as much as I hate not being "that Mom" (thanks to another friend who used the term so accurately ;) the Mom who brings the cute treats, who doesn't have a Corn Pop stuck in her dirty hair, a stained Christmas sweatshirt on with Uggs like a hobo mixed with teenage girl, I am enjoying the lack of stress tonight. 

Maybe one day I will be "that mom"...the creative, always dressed and ready, on time (bahahaha! Big one), calm, patient, prepared, one. Hey, a Mom can hope right?! 

Until then, I am exactly what my boys need...and I guess that's good enough :) 

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