Monday, January 14, 2013

A First...and a Last, Hopefully

Today was a  day…a typical day with two boys who are 4 and one and a half. Although it was a very “typical” day, something happened that is anything but typical. At least I hope it will not occur again..ever.  I am going to tell you this, but please do not judge us. Believe me, it shocked me, too. However, it is definitely worth remembering and I am hoping by putting this out there, someone will send me a message saying “Don’t worry, you are not alone. My so and so did this when they were little.” So, I am holding y’all to that. I expect a message in my inbox tomorrow, guys.

Let me set the scene:

I am in the kitchen doing something, I have since forgotten what with all of the trauma of today, and the boys are in Lawson’s room. I hear Lawson go into the bathroom with Garrison following. I didn’t think anything of it as it is a very regular thing. Garrison tends to follow his Big Brother around a lot. Lawson hollers at me “Mommm, Garrison just exploded tee-tee everywhere.” My thoughts: “Hmmm, what?!”    So I hollered back, “What do you mean?!” His response, “He pulled his pants down and tee-teed everywhere.” I stop what I am doing and start thinking  “Ok, Lawson  was just tee-teeing right? Garrison has on pants and a onesie. How did he manage to do that?!” (No I didn’t immediately go in there, I needed time to process. Haha!) I finally make my way in there and Lawson is still standing in front of the potty , Garrison is standing in a puddle of tee tee just playing around like it is the funniest thing. Then I notice the fact that his pants are still on and there is no way he undid his onesie to pull his diaper and pants down to tee tee on the floor, or “explode it all over” as Lawson described it. What the heck just happened? That is about the time that it hit me…Lawson has been really bad about doing something and then blaming Baby Brother who can’t exactly deny it yet. I know he didn’t….but yeah, I think he did. He tee teed on his brother! When I asked him, he denied it. That is when I called in the reinforcements, Daddy. I hollered “Chuck, we have a situation in here.” All the while, I am trying to get Garrison out of the pee puddle and undressed to clean him up. Chuck came in and Lawson tried to give him the same story, Garrison did it himself. Chuck told him if he just told him the truth, he wouldn’t get a spanking this time.  So Lawson, after verifying that a spanking was in fact not in his future, admitted that he did it. HE PEED ON HIS BROTHER. Chuck said, “Son, why on Earth would you do that??!!” Oh Lord, talk about frustrated. Neither Chuck or I had the words. Apparently he was trying to sword fight with someone who was unarmed for battle. I have no idea which part is more disturbing, the fact that Lawson did it and thought it was OK, knew to blame his brother who can’t deny it yet, or that Garrison thought it was funny.

What am I going to do with them?

Never a dull moment at this house…

My Cup Runneth Over



  1. I am literally laughing out loud as customers pass my office looking at me perplexed! Maybe I should just let them read your blog post and then they'll understand my sudden outburst?! LOVE THIS!!! :) -- Jessica

    1. Love it, Jessica! Glad I could help you pass the time at TCNB in a more fun way. They might understand but since I think you are my biggest fan, they might not :)