Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring Break Day 3

Spring Break Day 3: Road Trip
So today we took a mini road trip to pick up T-ball jerseys. As a result, Lawson, Garrison and I are probably now and forever banned from Village Jewelry and Sports. IF we aren't, we should be. There is probably a warning poster hanging in the employee break room (yes I know that there is one, through the door that reads Employees Only, Garrison went in it and I ran in after him) with a photo of me and my two darling hooligans. I imagine the poster reads something like this:

" The Tait Gang.  
Insert picture of adorable little family here :)
 If approached by this lady and two small boys, use extreme caution. They go from calm to typhoon in approximately 60 seconds flat. The youngest of the gang tries his best to break things. Do not allow him access to any breakables, under any circumstances, ever.
The older of the boys should not be allowed access to brooms or broom handles. Do not question why, just do not take any chances with this one.
 If the Mother of the gang attempts to ask you for assistance, feign ignorance or even a lack of knowledge of the english language. If possible, run in the opposite direction.
When in doubt, duck in cover"

This was my first trip to this store. They had a lot of cool stuff and the people were super friendly and helpful. Poor them!
They sell tons of jewelry. I mean lots of glass jewelry display cases. G decided he was going to hit a glass jewelry case, hard I should add, with a hanger the cashier had just laid down. It all seemed like it was happening in slow motion...He hit it, the girl's mouth fell open, I said "Nnoooo" and as I am saying it and grabbing for the hanger he starts to run like the little criminal he is, hitting the display off and on the whole way down, me running after. I am sure it was quite the scene to behold. What was Lawson, the good example Big Bubba doing you ask? Laughing, a lot. Heck, I might have been to if I had not been responsible for it.

I have been jokingly keeping a score as my FB status for the past couple of days, Spring Break VS Me. So far for Monday and Tuesday it was Spring Break-2 Momma-0
Let's go ahead and say
Spring Break-3 Momma-0
Hey, there is always tomorrow. I am pretty sure I am going to make a comeback.

My Cup Runneth Over!!!

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