Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Modesty or lack thereof

So people have always told me when you have kids your sense of shame, shyness, modesty, whatever you want to call it goes out the window. I have to say for me that was true to a certain extent. I am a somewhat reserved person about many things and not so much about others. It just depends. I am not shy at all. I am slightly modest about some things and more modest about others. I can be embarrassed fairly easily depending on what it is pertaining to.  Having said all that, I must have hit rock bottom since giving birth to two boys and I will tell you why. Last week Lawson and I went to Subway. One of the 5 times we went. No joke, we eat there a lot. It wasn’t super busy so we were just going to sit down and eat but I had to potty first. While they were making our sandwiches (um, yes Barbara knows exactly what Lawson and I want on our sandwiches because it is always exactly the same and consists of no sauces and his is just meat and cheese. Haha. Barb also keeps an eye on him for me:) I let Lawson wait out by the drinks but told him I was going to leave the door unlocked in case he needed me and I go on in. The only  people in there was a group of guys in line behind us but I was pretty sure they all saw me going in. Hmmm.  I am mid tee tee when the door opens wide and a guy is standing there with big, wide eyes frozen. It seemed like he was frozen like that for 5 minutes as I was just sitting there, on the potty, like “um, hey”. It took him forever to snap out of it, but he finally did, said “Um, sorry, sorry” and shut the door. I honestly just had to laugh. I commenced with the flushing, hand washing and worked up the courage to walk outside and he was standing there. He apologized again. I said “Oh, that’s ok. I would have locked it but I didn’t want to leave my little boy out here and him need me and not be able to get in.” I think he said something like, “Yeah, we are just a little closer now. Haha”.

Honestly, I wasn’t even that embarrassed. Truly. I probably should have been. Pre-two kids Shana probably would have wanted to just leave Subway without a sandwich to avoid seeing him but now, meh. No big deal. So what, I mean I even had on a long shirt. I will say Chuck laughed hysterically when I told him about it. Especially that all I said to the guy while he was standing there with the door open was “um, hey”  and gave a little wave.
My children have helped make me who I am today. They have made me stronger and different from who I was before them. The mere act of having them has taught me that some things just don't really matter and we shouldn't let things get to us. Beauty is skin deep, our bodies are merely flesh, and no use crying over spilled milk (or a stranger seeing you pee).
I hope I teach them as much as they teach me.
My Cup Runneth Over!

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