Friday, March 23, 2012

Boys, boys, boys

To say I am outnumbered at home is putting it lightly. The ratio of boys to girls is 3:1. As most of you know, I am the lone female in our house of 4. I have been blessed with three amazing guys in my household. Two mini-men and one wonderful husband. Lawson is  all-boy. I have a feeling that Garrison is as well. While he is only one, so I don't have the full effect yet, he seems to fit the definition of "all-boy" already.
I, on the other hand, am ALL girl. I can admit, I am a girly-girl. Ask any of my friends or family and they will tell you. I fit the definition to a T. I love girly things. Spa days, dressing up, shoes, makeup, shopping, I love it all. Everyone thought, including myself pre-Lawson, that I was destined to have a little girl. A sweet, innocent little girl that I could dress in ruffley bloomers, lots of pink, and big bows. I have a major weakness for those ruffle-butted bloomers and big bows! But, it seems it was not in the plans. As it got closer to time to find out if Lawson was, in fact, a boy or girl, I found myself picturing having a rough and tumble little boy. I started to feel that I was carrying a little boy and to get really excited about it. I never really wished for one gender over the other as I didn't have a preference, but I felt like I could picture Chuck and I with a little boy. However, I told Chuck that I knew nothing about little boys. I am so girly, I have a little sister, I had no experience with baby boys. He reassured me that he would teach me.
 I should add that Chuck was kind of hoping for a boy because he is "scared" of little girls. He has a major soft spot in his heart for those big eyed, innocent looks that they give to which he can never say no. He worried that his daughter would be too pretty so all the boys would be interested and that she would inevitably have her feelings hurt at some point in her life. She may not make cheerleader when she tried out or she may not win the beauty pageant, resulting in tears. If there is anything that can bring Chuck down, it is seeing a sweet little girl crying. (By the way, I love that about him :)

 So when it came time to find out if we were having a boy or girl, we felt confident in the fact that we would be thrilled either way. Either gender would give us new experiences, growth, lessons, and lots of love and excitement. When Lawson's little profile showed up on screen I was watching Chuck's face. As the tech moved down to "the goods", as she put it, I looked again to Chuck's face. I saw a flicker of recognition and excitement even before the tech said anything. It was, no doubt, a boy. We couldn't have been happier!

When we found out that we were expecting a second, we still did not hope for one gender over another. A baby sister for Lawson would be awesome because I always wished I had an older brother. An older brother to be protective of me, to pick on me, to scare my boyfriends. (I realize it is crazy to wish for this and that those of you who have big brothers have told me that it is not all that it is cracked up to be :) But a baby brother would allow Chuck and I to experience the love between brothers, which neither of us had. Chuck has an older sister and I have a little sister. No brothers on either side. However, my Daddy has always been very close to his older brother, His Bubba, and they adore each other. I think it is the sweetest thing. So I secretly hoped that my son would have a baby brother to share this bond with. Since my parents have two daughters, boys was a new concept for them. I think it may have been a little bit of an eye opener for Nana and GG. While they are all-boy, they are so much fun! Again, either gender would provide a new experience and love but also allow Chuck and I to experience, in a different way, a relationship that neither of us had growing up.
 I suspected Garrison was a boy from the beginning.

When we found out Garrison was, in fact, a boy we were thrilled. I wondered what my life would be like with 3 boys around. While I was so excited that my sweet Lawson would have a baby brother to be best friends with, I will admit that there was a little bit of sadness on my part. My sadness was not at all due to the fact that Garrison was a boy, which made me very excited and happy, but for the fact that he would most likely be my last baby. I will never have a little girl to dress up in those adorable dresses and bloomers, get manis, pedis, and makeovers with, or to girl talk with. However, I do have two nieces and many of my closest friends have little girls, so I can borrow them (and give them back when they are drama queens) . Right Girls?

As a side note, Garrison is rarely referred to as Garrison at home. Lawson, Chuck, and I usually call him or refer to him as Baby Brother. When talking about him, we all say, "Baby Brother did so and so" or "Good night, Baby Brother". Garrison is just starting to call Lawson and says, "Bubba". It is precious and heart-melting.

Since Garrison is not even one, I have not had that many "OMG I am surrounded by boys" moments yet. I do have a few stories, however.

On any given day, while trying to find out if Baby Brother has a stinky or what I have to ask the room full of boys,  "Ok, who tooted?" at least twice. I am surrounded by stinky guys. Even the smallest one is lethal.

I have said words that I never would have thought I would have to utter in my life pre-boys....

"OK, who tee-teed in the hall?"

"Who put the fake spider in my shoe?" (more than once)

"Why would you think it was funny to tee-tee on your plate of M & Ms?"

"Hurry, get out of the tub, Baby Brother just pooped"

"No, we do NOT bite each others booties while in the bathtub."  As an afterthought........
Or out of the tub for that matter." (Honestly, more than once to both boys)

"WHY WOULD YOU POOP IN THE YARD?"  ( I am ashamed to have to add this one to the list but in the interest of honesty and full disclosure, I will)

"If you are in the house, it is just as easy or easier to go tee-tee in the toilet than it is to go all the way outside to tee-tee."

"Is that chocolate or poop?"

(On a completely separate occasion, sadly) "Is that chocolate or poop on my arm?" (Thank goodness it was chocolate that time)

"No, we do NOT karate chop babies."

"No you can not practice your Kung Fu Panda moves on your 4 month old baby brother!"

"No Lawson, Baby Brother does NOT like it when you have him in a choke-hold even if he is not crying."

I will be sure to add more at a later time....I know this is only the beginning.

To tell you a little bit more about the Tee-Tee and M & Ms incident:
I was in the kitchen with Baby Brother and Rochelle, loading the dishwasher. Lawson was in the living room watching cartoons and eating a plate of M & Ms (yes, yes, my parenting at its finest). In comes Lawson who informs us, excitedly, that "Momma, I rang my M & Ms plate". So into the living room we go....where I find a paper plate of soaking M & Ms surrounded  by a big puddle on the hardwood floor. In reality, he had tee-teed more on the floor than on the plate, but I guess the fact that some did land in the plate of M & Ms was cause for excitement. When I asked him why he would tee-tee on his M & Ms he replied, with a very nonchalant shoulder shrug, "Because I thought it would be funny." It was as simple as that. I had no reply. I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, scold, punish, or what. So, I left it for him to show his Daddy when he got home. Don't think I am too gross, his Daddy was on the way home already and got there 10 minutes later. In the end we ended up explaining to him why he can't just tee-tee on things even if he does think it will be funny and we made him help clean it up. Chuck and I had a good laugh about it later that night.

I will be sure to share the poop in the tub drama later, too.

My boys provide us lots of joy and entertainment. As I have said, we literally never have a dull moment around here. I know there will be lots of laughter and excitement as they continue to grow.

My cup runneth over,

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