Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One of these nights

Last night, Tuesday, was another one of those nights. It was rough. I somehow accomplished work, T-ball practice, and a run yesterday evening without falling asleep. Both boys were in bed and asleep by 9. Praise! I decided not to do my usual cleaning routine before bed and opted to just read and go to sleep. It was nice.
My cleaning routine before bed is usually just enough to keep the living room and kitchen from being labeled a danger zone. It is nice because I can actually pick up the toys and put them away while they boys are asleep and they will stay that way until the morning. I will run the dishwasher and put in a load of towels to wash while we are asleep, or supposed to be sleeping as it goes most of the time. I also have to clean up the highchair and sweep the floor because Garrison is very fond of eating everything off the floor. I kid you not, you can give that child a plate of something and he will immediately dump it on the floor and proceed to eat it from there. He just prefers it that way. What does it say about my cooking if he dumps it onto the dirty floor to add flavor?! If he is in his highchair, he does the same. Immediatley dumps it all out and throws the plate. I should really stop investing in those suction cup dishes and spill-proof bowls and just start putting all his food directly on the floor or highchair tray. It would really save time, money, and cut down on the dishes to wash.

Ok, sorry, I tend to get off on tangents and I am typing just as my thoughts occur in my head. Kind of scary, I know. I tend to ramble. I do have ADD, so please consider that. When I am mid conversation with you and see something that catches my attention and I just randomly change topic or quit talking entirely, I am not meaning to be rude. I just have zero attention span. I am very easily distracted. OK, dang, another tangent! Focus, Shana.

Warning: This talks a lot about throwing up so if you would prefer not to know, do not read below.

Back to the subject at hand. Everyone was asleep by 9 o'clock. It was great because I had a migraine. I had a glass of wine, read a little, and went to sleep. I passed out around 10 o'clock. At 11 o'clock Garrison wakes up screaming. When I get up, my head is pounding like full-force migraine mode. When I get a bad migraine I usually throw up and this one was no exception. I try to get screaming Garrison calmed down and rock him, all the while gagging repeatedly. He continues to scream like he is hurting so we keep rocking. Then it happens, he throws up on me, twice. This is how I know I am truly a Mother: I am so nauseous and gagging repeatedly but his throwing up did not affect me. It didn't trigger a puking rally on my part. I am slightly worried that this makes me a little proud. What has happened to me?
So we continued to rock, he continued to scream, and I continued to gag. I had somewhat successfully cleaned the throw up off  my shirt, but am ashamed to admit that I did not change it. My head was hurting too badly to move much. Plus his screaming in my ear wasn't helping the pounding in my head.  Finally I couldn't take it anymore. I went and got Chuck, threw up repeatedly, and then took a Phinergan. I felt so horrible. After that kicked in, I don't remember much. I remember Chuck telling me he was taking Garrison riding around to calm him down and I laid down. That is all she wrote.....If I did wake up when Chuck came back home, I don't remember it. Poor Chuck had to get up for work at 5 AM and he ended up having to drive Garrison around from 1 o'clock until 3 o'clock. He said that every time he would pull out of the driveway Garrison would fall asleep so he would ride for a little while. Then when he came back home he would try to get him out of the seat but he would wake up and start screaming again. So he tried to sleep in the car for a little while. He said  once he finally got GW in bed for good, that Lawson woke up. The poor guy never went to sleep again after 1 o'clock.
Of course, in my innermost thoughts (and apparently now not-so innermost since I am blogging it) I was a little glad that he experienced what I had been doing for the past few nights and for many months while I was breastfeeding Garrison and he was suffering with Reflux. Of course during those times Chuck was the one who was getting up with Lawson, who still gets up once or twice a night most of the time. How horrible of me, huh?

I am truly blessed with a wonderful, helpful, generous Husband who is willing to do it all.
He helps clean, he helps cook, he does laundry, he bathes babies, he gets up at night with them, but most of all, he loves us all so much and shows it in all that he does. (most of the time ;)

Because I am so blessed,
My cup runneth over!

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