Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Doctor, doctor give me the news

Yesterday we went back to see Dr. D in Prattville. We also went last Wednesday, the Friday before that, the week before that and the week before that one. I honestly can't remember a week this year that I didn't have to take one or both of my boys to a Dr's appointment. With Garrison's well check ups, Lawson's recurring strep throat, Garrison's ear infections and tubes, a couple of sinus infections, a case of viral croup for each of them, Garrison's upper respiratory infection and another double ear infection, and Lawson's stomach troubles, we have pretty much lived at the doctor's office. We may not be able to pay for our own kids to go college but Dr. D's two children should be just fine.

 As I have said before, I feel like Dr. D is one of my closest friends. I am genuinely worried that she and her nurses are starting to question my poor childrens' home life because they are sick so much. I promise, we are relatively clean. Sure Garrison would rather eat off the floor than a plate and Lawson informed me Monday, very matter-of-factly, "Mom, I eat boogers now" but we aren't Hoarders material or anything.   Our wood floors could always use a good sweeping and steaming and our bathrooms could definitely benefit from a thorough scrub down more often, but we aren't gross. (Does it sound like I am trying to convince myself to you? Yeah, me too )

I feel like my boys should be living in a plastic bubble. Yup, they should both be bubble boys. Does anyone know where I can find one? I am pretty much willing to try anything at this point.
Around here, especially at night, the sound of coughing is almost like hearing crickets. It is just so common. No one sleeps and one or the other or both boys are on some kind of medication.

Warning: I am going to get a little whiny and pitiful for a minute. Feel free to skip ahead if this is a problem for you. I try not to complain but sometimes it gets the best of me....

For those (all one of you) who don't already know, we had to take Lawson to the ER Friday. This was the worst episode of stomach pains he has had so far. For the past 6 weeks or so he has complained of  a stomach ache off and on. He wouldn't eat much and at times would either vomit or have an upset stomach. Sometimes both. We talked to Dr. D and she seemed to think it was an ulcer due to the surgery, anasthesia, and all of the antibiotics Lawson has been on  recently. She gave us a list of things that would make it worse and should be avoided and things that would help. Lawson is a picky eater and some of the only things he will eat are on the "No" side. Pizza, fried foods, high-fat foods such as pop-tarts, etc and anything with tomato sauce to name a few. On the good side was yogurt and bread. Yeah, I am sure that will be fun for a 3 year old. But there doesn't really seem to be too much rhyme or reason to when it is worse or better.

Friday night broke my heart into a million pieces. I promise, it shattered it. My poor, sweetheart of a boy woke up screaming in pain while clutching his stomach. All he could do was roll around on his bed holding his tummy and cry. All Chuck and I could do was try to hold him and tell him he was OK. I won't lie, I silently cried as I rubbed his back and tried to soothe him. After the second time he awoke like this and didn't stop, we decided to take him to the emergency room. Garrison was asleep, as it was 11:30 at night, so I called Jessie to come over to stay with him. It is so nice to have friends and family that we can call on when we need help. THANKS JESS!!!
 By the time the Doctor arrived the pain had eased and Lawson was asleep. They took X-rays, took blood, checked his appendix, and then gave him some medicine for his stomach and told us to check back in with our Pediatrician Monday. So we did. They took more blood, ran the labs, and checked his tummy for any masses or abnormalities. Everything came back fine except the fact that he has developed a sinus infection, which he is on MORE antibiotics for. The game plan is for him to take Prevacid every day, stick to a restrictive diet and see how he does.  If he has another episode or doesn't show improvement while on it, we'll have to go see a Pediatric GI. I almost don't know how I feel about it. In a way I want to just go ahead and see a specialist and get an answer but on the other hand, I don't want him to have to go through all the testing that has to be done before we can be referred to a GI and all the things that the GI will have to do. I am not sure how I feel right now.

I do know that I am sad, though. I am so sad that my poor boy had to miss his second T-ball game ever because he is sick, again. I am sad that he missed his best buddy's 2nd Birthday party on Saturday  as well as an Easter egg hunt because he was sick.  I am sad that he has missed so many days of 3 Pre-K  this year because of all the strep throat he has had. I am still a little sad that he had to miss his class Halloween party because he was having his tonsils and adenoids removed. But mostly I am sad that he has had to have so many meds that it may have messed up his digestive system to the point that he will have to take medicine for it. Ironic or what??  He isn't having the "typical" childhood that I want for him. I know no one wants their child to be sick ever  but my poor guy stays sick. My poor little bubble boy. Well, really my poor little bubble BOYS. I do love them more than anything, though. I believe that they will get well soon, too. 

I get down about it and then immediately scold myself for even thinking that way. There are so many children out there who are having to go through chemo right now. There are lots of children who  won't get to have a typical childhood experience because they have to practically live in a hospital. There are tons of parents out there who probably wish strep throat and ulcers were their biggest concern. Compared to so many, my boys are super healthy. Believe me, I thank God for this every single day!
But it's OK to be a little sad for them, right?

Even though my sons have more than their fair share of sickness, we are blessed beyond measure!
They are not fighting for their lives while so many others are.

My cup runneth over!

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