Monday, April 30, 2012


That title got your attention, didn't it?

Sorry to disappoint, but I am just jotting down a few things that Lawson said today that had Chuck and I rolling.

While at Mellow Mushroom Chuck said something to me, I can't even remember what it was, but I replied, completely not seriously, "I am appalled." Lawson looks at me and asks "J. Pauled?" Chuck starts chuckling and I still wanted to make sure he was in fact asking what I thought he was so I said "What Lawson?" He replies, "You mean you are J. Pauled, like on Swamp People?" Bahahaha. Yes, my not quite four year old does watch Swamp People with his Daddy and he was referencing it in conversation. It is neither the first, nor last time I am quite sure, that this will happen. He knows the whole gang. Willie, Troy, J. Paul and his son, Liz, the crazy Giess (I have no clue how they spell their name as I only watch it when they are and then only half way pay attention) brothers. I am sure I am leaving out some important ones. Chuck is Team Willie, therefore so is Lawson. That's all I need to know.

Lawson has a friend who works at Mellow Mushroom. We met him last summer when we were going there almost weekly for doctor's appointments and that was all Lawson would agree to eat. I do love it, though. It never gets old. I don't remember how many trips to MM we made but it was a LOT. I can't remember how it all came about exactly as I was super sleep deprived at the time because it was during the worst part of Garrison's reflux/milk allergy and before it was really diagnosed and during Lawson's constant bouts with Strep, therefore sleep and I had a long, long distance relationship. As in we never saw each other, spoke, skyped, texted, emailed, snail mailed, or even sent freaking homing pigeons to one another. It was a love/hate relationship. I loved sleep, it hated me. At the very least, it avoided me like the plague. But I digress. Yes, tonight is an ADHD night, guys, sorry. Too much Starbucks again. When will I learn that lesson? Back to the story...

Lawson's friend became his friend when he saw little Lawson begging for more bacon. Well, there was no more. Salads only come with so much bacon. That is kind of defeating the purpose otherwise. He always stole the bacon off my Lil' Spinach Salad and if Chuck was there too, forget about it (Please read that using your best mafia/Mickey Blue Eyes impersonation). So Bacon Buddy, as he is now and forever known, brought him a whole bowl full of bacon for free! He told Lawson how much he loves bacon, too. How sweet is that?

The next time we came in Bacon Buddy must have remembered because he automatically brought over a bowl of bacon to Lawson. So when we would talk about Mellow Mushroom, Lawson would always refer to his "Bacon Buddy who brings him bacon". Well, it eventually just got shortened to Bacon Buddy and it became kind of a thing. "I wonder if my Bacon Buddy will be here today? Aw, Bacon Buddy is not working today" or "I sure do miss my Bacon Buddy." Don't worry, Bacon Buddy knows of his nickname and is cool with it.
We had been kind of missing Bacon Buddy recently and we have been eating more Chick-Fil-A than anything while in Montgomery because Lawson always asks for it and sometimes I do love a drive-thru. Just hand Lawson a  box of chicken and toss a few waffle fries Garrison's way, cooled off  of course, and we are still rolling. On the way to Mellow Mushroom tonight Lawson pondered his usual question, will Bacon Buddy be there and will he get to eat a bowl of bacon this time.
Sure enough, we walked in and there he was, good ole' Bacon Buddy. He used to smile a big smile and wave, but this time I didn't even think he saw us.  Lawson was acting UNUSUALLY shy and didn't want to go up and say hi to Bacon Buddy since he hadn't seen him in a while. We got seated, outside since it was gorgeous, and our waitress came and took our drink orders. We are all sitting there chatting, or in our case Garrison was throwing everything he could get his hands on onto the ground including menus and silverware, Lawson was waving at some little girl through the windows, I think I was texting (shame on me) and Chuck was retrieving everything Baby Brother was throwing down, when who should appear holding a bowl full of bacon...BACON BUDDY! Lawson was thrilled. I said to Bacon Buddy, "I wasn't sure you would remember since we haven't seen you in so long". His response..."I couldn't forget my Little Bacon Buddy." I died. How stinkin' cute is that? Slightly worrisome that my three year old, two at the time, has bonded so strongly with a stranger over a pork product, but what can I say? He is super lovable, right? Who wouldn't want to give that kid some bacon for free if that's what he wanted?

Chuck loves bacon, too. They are my little carnivores. No bacon is ever safe if those two are around. Except maybe turkey bacon. It can probably rest at ease. Chuck and I told Lawson tonight how we never get free bacon and that he must just be really super cute and sweet to  have such a good Bacon Buddy.

Do you know anyone else who has a Bacon Buddy? I doubt it :)

That last jot there may have turned into a full paragraph. Sorry about that. Now I also forgot the other 101 super funny things that he said today. That kid is a mess.

I remember one that I can tell:
While tucking him into bed the other night he hugged me and gave me a big eskimo kiss (You know, you rub the tips of your noses to each others). I asked him if he would always give me eskimo kisses. He said, "Yes Momma." I said "Even when you are 16 and can drive?" He replied, "Yes, Ma'am." I asked again, "Even when you are  27 and all grown up?" His response, "Yes, Ma'am". I had to know one more thing, "Even when you are 32 and have two little girls of your own?" Lawson says, "Um, I will be old then and I don't think I want two little GIRLS". So 32 is old (Ouch, as Daddy is 34) and my only hope of having a girl one day, grandaughter or otherwise, is Garrison. I am still not sure what that answer meant,but  I am going to take it as a maybe on the eskimo kisses.

I am going ahead and letting y'all know that I plan to write about the last trip to the pediatrician, Friday, the one before today's trip, tomorrow. It may make for some good reading.

My oldest son, Lawson, has a personality that could light up a room. He has a 1,000 watt smile that could rival the sun.He is one of my Sunshines. He can give you a little smile and bat those super long eyelashes and it's impossible to say no. He climbs into my bed in the mornings after his Daddy has gone to work and wraps his little arms around me and cuddles with me. He keeps us laughing. I adore him.

(Side Note: I went back and changed the title of this post from "Quickies" to "Not so Quickies". I think it was more fitting. )

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